23 agosto 2016 is celebrated Internaut Day because 23 agoust 1991 was born World Wide Web.

Timothy John Berners-Lee, computer engineer born in London in 1955, considered inventor of World Wide Web with Robert Cailliau. In August 1991 he published first Cern Web site in Geneva after he had filed a document with his idea of Web in March 1989. An idea that revolutionized the way of life, communicating, economy and information.

sir-tim-berners-lee-profile-shot It was August 6th. Access to public took place on 23rd of the same month. Today, the invention of Internet is not celebrated as much as the possibility of access to the whole world.
Now, in the world there are over one billion sites and almost 3.5 billion users.

The purpose of Berners-Lee was to create a system for linking search center computers and sharing information, a kind of online database that could be accessed from every computer.
In 1995 sites in the world were less than 25,000 but in 1996 had grown 10 times. The first million was touched in 1999. A real boom was between 2011 and 2012, when the number of sites went from about 350,000 to nearly 700,000. The milestone of world’s web site has been reached in 2014: to certify the “counter” of Live Live Stats now marking nearly 1 billion and 61 million and about 3.5 billion active users.

The english word Cloud is conventionally used to represent internet. A particularly fortunate choice that makes some of features of web comprehensible. The term was used for Cloud Computing locus.

It was 2007 when it heard about Cloud Computing.


Cattura The breakthrough occurred when Amazon, the world’s largest online sales platform, started modernizing its data centers following the new trend with the goal of increasing efficiency and reducing the consumption of electrical and electronic resources Amazon Web Services introduction has allowed external users to access their own facility. The buoy ride is set in 2008, probably due to the crisis and the need to cut the costs of a strategic but still considered a huge weight to bear. Cloud computing has also spread to non-work people.

Private Cloud Computing is a set of systems consisting of a server owned by those who use the service that can be placed at the company’s facility or at a data center. Usually, what drives a company to opt for this solution is the perceived greater privacy of data as these are stored within their organizational structure. The benefits are: scalability (it’s easier to manage hardware and software with this technology), the greater the IT performance, the more privacy. The disadvantages, however, are high initial investments and IT expenses (staff, current, space, etc.).cloud

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