This case study concerns a multinationa technologyl: Philips. The dutch company is one of the world’s largest electronics companies, leader in audio and video production of  equipment, lighting, microprocessors, medical diagnostics and even small household appliances. Currently, employs 121,000 people in over 60 countries and generated sales of 22.57 billion euros.

In this analysis we will talk about a specialty industry: Healtcare, Consumer Lifestyle and Lighting. Philips is a toplayer in heart and home therapy solutions, energy-saving lighting, and new lighting, body shaving, body care applications, and oral hygiene.


AWS offers agility, collaboration, and opportunities to experiment and adopt new technologies both to hospital companies and large pharmaceutical groups. There are many medical and scientific companies employing large-scale AWS, from basic storage to management of clinical information systems.+
For this segment, the multinational decided to contact AWS when its on-premise database solutions have no longer been able to handle data amounts in 37 million records.

The company has decided to operate

Philips has configured Attunity CloudBeam, an AWS Marketplace for Amazon Redshift, in less than a minute to simplify, speed up and automate data transfers in Cloud AWS. Prior to AWS, the company’s fastest data transfers amounted to 434 registers per minute. Using AWS, the company has transferred 37 million records in 90 minutes and is able to optimize large data sets in just two hours.

Here there are all references to more information on how AWS can be used by healthcare providers:


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