This is a case study of great interest concerning a multinational mobile and fixed mobile phone, the world’s largest mobile operator: Vodafone Italia.

This company, based in Newbury, United Kingdom, has shares in 25 countries around the world, 16 of which operate with its own brand and has 434 million customers. Thanks also to an agreement with the Caribbean operator Digicel in 2007, Vodafone’s “Partner-Networks” are present in 75 countries around the world. Vodafone Italia, however, is based in Milan and is a subsidiary of Vodafone Group Plc. After 15 years of steady growth in the Italian market, today Vodafone Italia has more than 30 million mobile customers. Let’s look at what benefits and especially because Vodafone has decided to rely on the AWS Cloud. First of all, it is necessary to specify the challenge that the multinational of telecommunications faces.

The SIM cards of Vodafone Italia mobile phones retain sensitive data, such as phone numbers and text messages. SIM cards can be transferred from one phone to another and are very much used by the users. Vodafone Italia customers can recharge their credit for a SIM card, in a shop or in a cash machine.

With increase in these transactions, Vodafone Italia wanted to simplify the use of ATMs or credit cards to allow customers to recharge their mobile phones and other broadband devices.

The company therefore needed a secure, reliable, and compliance with Level 1 compliance requirements in accordance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and DDS (Data Security Standard) standards that would help protect customer information. The company was not in a position to predict exactly how many customers would use this solution, so it needed a scalable infrastructure that would adapt to the drops and peak demand.

Here is the architecture used for Top Up service: vodafone-1-arch-diagramThis was the challenge that Vodafone Italia had to face in order to meet the needs of its customers excellently. Stefano Harak, Senior Online Product Manager at Vodafone Italia, says: “Amazon Web Services was clearly the first choice, especially when compared to other local data center solutions or colocation. From a technical point of view, when we evaluated Simplicity of implementation and management, we felt that AWS would significantly reduce time-to-market and infrastructure costs”.

Scalability, flexibility, security, simplicity of implementation and management, reduced costs. These are all the benefits that AWS Cloud gives to its customers. For companies that want to implement their business and deliver effective, and above all, efficient solutions, you need to trust Cloud Level Provider. Password? Amazon Web Service.

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