Yes, we’re talking about clouds but not Cloud Computing. VMEngine decided don’t take too seriously and do a slight digression on subject., browser of low cost flights, conducted a study which reveals that common imagination between passengers is that they can do sex with their partner during the flight.
No, we are not go crazy. We are talking about sex and specificity of Love Cloud airline.
No, we are not crazy. We’re talking about sex. The company created a service that includes the Las Vegas boarding on a Cessna 421 Golden Eagle, specially equipped with bed, soft lighting, music streaming which can be provided by the same passengers, in addition to everything needed for safe sex. You can choose between daytime or daytime flights: during daytime you can take a ride over the Grand Canyon, Mead Lake and the Hoover Dam; At night you can fly over the bright Las Vegas, with strenuous flight of the Strip. Cloud.

Once they come back, the couple will receive a certificate and can take a photo next to the plane.




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