A few days ago, the news was that Amazon Web Service would acquire three Enel power plants for a total power of 300 mega-watts. The goal of American group founded by Jeff Bezos is to build “server farms” that can serve as a basis, not just for Italy, for the rich public cloud business.


Negotiation is in progress. Centers have been visited and Amazon would be interested in those of Piemonte. Amazon would be interested in acquiring for sale 3 of the 22 former Enel power plants. Italian sites could also be used as e-commerce logistics centers for North West.


 Let’s sketch out scenario in Europe about Cloud Computing.
“The growth trend of our country appears in line with what international analysts photograph as an increasingly pervasive and unstoppable phenomenon at global level,” says Mariano Corso, Scientific Manager of the Cloud & ICT Observatory as a Service of the Politecnico of Milano.
In addition, it should be noted that a medium company, whose core business is based on internet, may pay millions of annual bill for cloud computing. Just right now Enel has completed migrating its data to Aws, which for now operates in Europe with data centers in Frankfurt and Ireland.
Gartner estimates a worldwide growth for 2016 around 26%, for a total value of $ 64.7 billion.

IDC estimates that Public Cloud market will go from $ 70 billion in 2015 to more than $ 141 billion in 2019, with a composite growth rate of 19.4%.

Comfort signs for Italy come from recent Global Cloud Computing Scorecard study by BSA – The Software Alliance that place Italy at eighth position, two positions higher than the previous 2013 study.
According to these data, Amazon’s investment in Italy is a very positive operation.

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