Three, two, one…go”. We are at the starting point and everything is almost ready for the thirteenth edition of the most significant event in Italy for e-commerce, digital retail and digital transformation of companies: the Netcomm Forum 2018.

This two days will be dedicated to business, training and networking that will open the doors of future to small and medium-sized enterprises coming to MiCo (Fiera Milano Congressi) on May 30th and 31st, full of hopes and expectations. Before telling you everything that will happen, this year we will explain what will be the most exclusive news: the participation of VMEngine in partnership with Amazon Web Service.

For the first time, Cloud colossus will participate at Netcomm Forum next to VMEngine. The company, excellence of southern Italy, is led by Fabio Cecaro, Cloud Evangelist & Cloud Architect. From this consolidated bond a synergy was born that will arrive straight on Netcomm stage for an interesting workshop entitled “Amazon Web Services’s Cloud: The engine that enhances e-commerce“.

What better chance to confirm this partnership? Cloud represents the key to success for every online store. This is a winning business model that sees in the formula “pay as you go” the right way to make a company work better on the web. The speakers of the seminar, Oreste Di Maggio, Aws Partner Solution Architect, and Fabio Cecaro, CEO & Founder of VMEngine and one of the leading experts, will illustrate numerous successful cases. Thanks to its main characteristics such as scalability, assistance, security and geographical distribution, Aws Cloud is the undisputed leader.

Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, successful British entrepreneur and founder of Virgin Gruop, says that a business “must be engaging, must be fun and must exercise creative instinct“. Tht’s exactely how it’s going to be this Netcomm Forum edition thanks to the partnership between VMEngine and Aws. This year the MiCo will see the presence of 166 exhibitors, 79 workshops, 169 high-level speakers and more than 12,000 expected participants.  This two days will be dedicated to trends and dynamics that are designing the digital retail sector and accelerating the digital transformation processes of Italian and international companies.

Netcomm president Roberto Liscia explained how e-commerce represents an opportunity for companies. Not only can the giants could take advantage of the opportunities of online business but also (and above all) small and medium enterprises that can make the web the square on which to show the quality of their products.

We are inside the perfect storm where e-commerce has represented the first phase of transformation. The consumer is gaining awareness and power, technologies open up new avenues and the competitive environment becomes more complex. Only smart companies, and not necessarily the biggest ones, will successfully emerge from this storm. The NetcommForum aims to provide industry professionals with all the tools and information they need to be able to be an active part of an unstoppable digital evolution process that will lead them to create new perspectives for their business.

Multinational company or a “mom-and-pop operation“, it doesn’t matter. The key thing is open the gate of your e-commerce and manage it in best way because, remember, web is democratic.

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