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Our team need new certified figures

VMEngine is a...
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Milan, Aws Global summit: 1600 for Cloud top event

A great success. Again this year Aws Summit in...
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The day after AWS Global Summit

"We need to move fast"     Werner Vogels, AWS...
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Love Cloud think about high-altitude sex

Yes, we're talking about clouds but not Cloud...
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Cloud Computing: origins, paternity and skepticism

What does Cloud Computing originate and who is given its paternity? Why is revolutionary discovery? Why is there still skepticism about? There are many curiosities around the Cloud for some years. However, the answers to these questions are exhaustive and fairly...

Servers Farm in Enel Centers, here there is the Amazon project

A few days ago, the news was that Amazon Web Service would acquire three Enel power plants for a total power of 300 mega-watts. The goal of American group founded by Jeff Bezos is to build "server farms" that can serve as a basis, not just for Italy, for the rich...

Internaut Day, World Wide Web celebrates the quarter of century

23 agosto 2016 is celebrated Internaut Day because 23 agoust 1991 was born World Wide Web. Timothy John Berners-Lee, computer engineer born in London in 1955, considered inventor of World Wide Web with Robert Cailliau. In August 1991 he published first Cern Web site...

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