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It’s an illusion that photos are done with camera. Pictures are made with eyes, with heart, with head“.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

2020 will be the year of big change, technological innovations and workflows will lead the small print shops to living a second youth.

“Insight Report – The future of digital printing” is an independent study on future of professional printing developments, commissioned by Canon and conducted and authored by Frank Romano, professor at Rochester Institute of Technology in collaboration with a team of graduate students.
The survey involved 600 printers, with careful observation of market of professional printing. Analysis shows that digital printing looks set to dominate the market by 2020, given the continued trend towards greater reduction in print runs and a growing support of the press upon request.

The study predicts good news for small print shops with increased acceptance of printing technologies in the network and hybrid production systems.


About the customer

12Print.it is an online digital photo printing company, personalization of photobooks and fotogadget born in a garage of the neapolitan suburbs and become the undisputed leader in industry with 1,000 products to customize and more than 500 different sizes and media.

Digital Printing, a strong rise industry

Insight Report shows that 80% of print service providers argued that main growth profit in next 2-5 years can not but come from digital color printing.

Binding element of a printing company’s profits  will be neither circulation nor time, but complexity of projetcs. Simple jobs (mostly printing single sheets) can be much more numerous incomes. Printers around the world are looking for new revenue streams based on value-added services.

54% of person interviewed declared that intends turn into “provider of professional communication services”. It is a strategically important turning point as well as a significant trend toward specialization – 10% of interviewed intend enrich their business with services other than printing, such as IT capabilities, enterprise systems management, distribution of documentation and complete realization of projects.

Company’s strong presence on search engines thanks to an accurate SEO activities to the high level of customer satisfaction, led the small company to grow rapidly to over and recorded a traffic of about 100,000 customers and 600,000 page views per month.

The company needed grow further, in terms of data, and features offered to customers. For this reason, management wonder right moves and right investments to be undertaken.

They would invest in dedicated connectivity, several terabytes of storage and web server upgrades.

The suggested implemented solution was a migration of portal on Public Cloud. In this case, migration was performed on Amazon Web Services using the following services:

  • ELB – Elastic Load balancing on two Availability Zones;
  • EC2 EBS boot, like webserver, dbserver and processing server;
  • AutoScaling Policy for webserver group;
  • S3 – for customers;
  • CloudFront to accelerate download of statics content;
  • SES – Simple Email Service for comunications and newsletter;
  • SNS – Simple Notification Service for comunication and warning solutions.
 Exsample of solution architectural diagram

The benefits

The use of Amazon’s data centers around the globe brings with enormous potential in terms of growth of bandwidth and storage space in the economy without initial investment.
The possibility of requiring new power of automatic start, webserver new instances (in traffic peak) and the possibility to release these resources automatically during off-peak times. Results? Costs abatement. It’s a powerful advantage that made possible to improve and streamline business processes.

Monitoring and alert services and their associated policies have given the extraordinary VMEngine’s reliability solution proposed to the customer.

Why did you choose Cloud Computing?
“Our infrastructure – said Antonio Calabrese, CEO of 12Print – became a bottleneck for our growth targets. We were not able to invest heavily in new equipment and expensive connectivity contracts and often difficult for our region, the solution proposed by VMengine from our partners allowed us to create a scalable, high-performance infrastructure with substantially costs and lower power mode”.
What do you expect for the future?

The scalable and high-performance architecture, housed in  world’s Amazon Web Service datacenters, allow 12print.it team lookig out to European markets by creating new business models.

Flexibility offered by Cloud Computing will test creativity of development team.

The energy consumption has been reduced by 70%

Antonio Calabrese

CEO, 12Print srl

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