not only a game

“Football is a game but also a social phenomenon. When billions of people worry about a game, means that it is not just a game “.

 Simon Kuper

This is the words of Jorge Lopez, calcium anthropologist, in an interview with the Financial Times columnist Simon Kuper on

It’s not impossible to disagree. Think about the thousands of passionate who follow football championships and each season take on role of “fanta – coach” with only one objective: carry on the “fanta – team” to achievement of their own Private League. All the teams face off in a series of matches where final score is determined by an algorithm based on the votes of players performances assigned by editors.


About the customer

The “game” begins in 1999, for pure fun, as a private site to offer a small group of friends support in the management of Fantasy Football, a well-known fantasy game based on the world of football. Soon the site begins to gain fame and success in the community of players that are pressing for the opening to the public.

Thanks to continuous investments in technology and always original content, boasts, to date, guinness numbers: it is in fact the reference portal for fantasy football fans from all over Italy, as well as one of the most visited football information sites of the country.

“At the beginning – explains Nino Ragosta – we just wanted a platform to share our games with friends, then it turned into a real community. This is how, a few years later, began to take on today’s structure ».

“It was a natural evolution – explains Ragosta – in fact, we had been doing information for a long time and ultimately it was what we always wanted to do better. Now for us the editorial part has taken on a great weight and the fact of being one of the most authoritative voices on the national scene fills us with pride »

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Returning user

Average visit duration (minutes)

The problem of customer was the difficulty of scalability in most traffic moments.

In cases of high traffic, especially during a soccer match, happened that web site or app found inaccessible or extremely slow to serve requests. and mobile application are used by football fans and fantasy football player. For this reason, online fantacalcio’s services must be easily and quickly achievable.

Experts of sure of opportunities of AWS cloud computing decided to rely on VMEngine to design, implement and maintain an elastic infrastructure in Amazon web services.

Sample Solution Architectural Scheme

Original’s infrastructure made up by physical servers in colocation at an Italian provider. It lacked flexibility and scalability and often it required intervention of final hardware upgrade, needed just for a few days but very overabundant for the rest of the time. With migration to a Cloud Computing infrastructure VMEngine resolve all the problems.

A greater infrastructure and software flexibility is able to deliver computing resources related to and software events of resources already in use.

VMEngine’s architects, consulting partner of Amazon Web Services, worked on infrastructure level and on integration of AWS services in’s code.

Architects had to change first the approaches of’s developers to introduce use of a git repository from which AWS services could make code deploy on resources added automatically.

New AWS CodeDeploy service, providing developers with a stable and secure tool to develop, test and deploy with confidence, without worrying about upgrade software in times of infrastructure peak. It was centralized the caching system of pages developed by’s developers team by use of Memcached servers and lightened the load cluster by integrating S3 and CDN CloudFront.


The benefits

The choice proposed and applied to guarantees performance, flexibility, security, reliability and scalability, enjoying the classic advantages of Cloud Computing and the robustness of a Cloud Provider like Amazon Web Services.

The solution and the continuous dialogue between the developers of and the architects of VMEngine also provides a great opportunity for growth and a much broader future vision than before.

Why did you choose Cloud Computing?

“We decided to move to Cloud Computing – says Luigi Cutolo, CTO of – because the old and static infrastructure could not hold up peak traffic we generate at times. We’re talking about more than 500,000 concurrent users in a very short time. Main benefit – continues Cutolo – were performances in high traffic moments and automatic scalability”.

What customers says?

Thi is a comment of a satisfied user on Facebook page: “Service is so fast”.

Nex Steps’s future is in costant growth. They are developping news features.

We have a lot of ideas and we look forward to putting them in practice

Luigi Cutolo

CTO, Quadronica srl

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