From manuscripts to Cloud solutions:

the story of Pozzuoli Diocese Library

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From tireless and painstaking work of the copyists to the Gutenberg printing press. By typewriter to digitization. This is the story of  Pozzuoli Diocese. The library contains texts that relate to the scripture, canon law, dogmatic theology and Church history from 1745.

The smell of ink on paper will be just a distant memory? No, but the library of Pozzuoli Diocese try to please those who prefer reading books on latest devices such as kindle, tablet or smartphone. This means that users will be able to browse a text of 1700 from their mobile phone, even on subway, maybe going to work? Yes, this is possible thanks to Amazon’s Web Cloud Service and thanks to VMEngine.

Obviously, this is a particularly delicate books difficult to consult. With digitization the problem is eliminated. A text becomes viewable as often as the user deems it necessary, thanks to our cloud infrastructure, from an unlimited number of users simultaneously.

About the customer


With More than 40,000 books, 60 of which are digitized, about 400 magazines and with three precious manuscripts, the Library of Pozzuoli Diocese participated at National Collective Periodicals archive and Italian Union Catalogue of Serials managed from departmental systems and documentary University of Bologna and from Central Library “G. Marconi” of National research Council of Rome. The catalog contains bibliographic descriptions of documents periodical publications owned by libraries located throughout the country. The catalog is upadated directly from libraries participating through an online procedure.




Digitized texts


Saving Money

What were problems that VMEngine team has faced in “Diocese of Pozzuoli” management?  Digitization of all material in their possession was carried out by a specialized company, but the main problem was the platform which host all scan files. Traditional infrastructure would be very costly in terms of management and maintenance but especially not scaleble conversly Amazon Web Services Cloud.
The solutions we put in place allowed us solving problems in a double way. From the hardware point of view, instead using one or more servers on which store huge amount of data, we used perfectly scalable cloud infrastructure that is capable of carrying the traffic even in moments of greatest intensity reducing costs in the stall moments.
Architectural solution model

Hardware costs was around 8000 euros, without adding software’s price.

From the software point of view, the problem was: most of products available have an high cost of license and are closed source not editable in case of special needs.

The main need was the adaptation of a not standard file format. Why? Because the international standard of documents archiving recognize .xml Dublin Core extensions,

In infrastructure design, VMEngine adapt all scanned files and metadata that were in a not standard size: xml.mag (Metadata Administrative and Management) format used only in Italy.

The benefits

We put in place a solution that allowed us to resolve the matter in a dual mode. From an hardware point of view instead of using one or more servers on which store the huge amount of data we used perfectly scalable cloud infrastructure that is capable of hold up traffic even in greatest intensity moments and reducing costs in stall moments .

Why did you choose Cloud Computing?
A considerable saving of money. Before we use Aws Cloud we paid about 8000 euro of hardware and software – said Andreana Moio – but now with an open source and free software we can save up 70% of money. Without considering the convenience of having access to an ancient text from PC or smartphone”.
What about your future's plan?
“We would like to digitize all the books, magazines and manuscripts for guarantee everyone access to knowledge. From Rome to New York, from Hong Kong to Vancoover everyone will view the ancient texts from our library. Even from a smartphone, why not.”

With open source and the cloud of AWS we have 70% more savings.

Andreana Moio

President, Association Nemea

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