“If the opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”


In one of his hilarious gags Mendel Berlinger, also known with the artistic name of Milton Berle, comedian and television presenter of the Texaco Star Theater.

What we are about to unfold isn’t only a business story, it’s much more than that. It’s Vincenzo’s Maffione revenge, a brain drain, aged just 30 that moved to Spain to pursue an already predictable successful career as an entrepreneur.

About the customer

Vincenzo was the marketing manager of a Mezzogiorno firm that closed down suddenly overnight forcing its employers to find another job. “That one day everything I thought I knew, just shifted.” – Vincenzo told us. “My problem wasn’t finding a new job or finding one in which I would have been paid a bit more than an intern. I wanted much more than that and in this exact moment I decided to start my own business.”

A story of courage and ambition, so. “The idea – continues – it was about opening a sort of web agency. On my side I had the expertise and the ability to make money that made me succeed during my working experience at the company I worked for. But it wasn’t easy”.

Right, there are no down sloping streets when it comes to building a business brick by brick. “There are a thousand of responsibilities, you need money and time but unfortunately I didn’t have enough of it”. However, Vincenzo overcame all the challenges he faced and, in the end, he succeeded, he trusted himself and his skills and in such a short amount of time, working at a really fast pace, he started gommeplanet.it. From Spain, where he lives and works, Vincenzo launched an e-commerce that sells tires for every need.

“The website was launched on November 12th 2018 and from that moment the growth has never stopped”, clarifies Vincenzo.

Daily Unique Users


Monthly turnover

“The story is beautiful but still painful”, clarifies Vincenzo. “I had hard times of total darkness and uncertainty”. The months that followed the launch of the website I had to reckon with some trouble.”

In addition to bureaucratic difficulties that Vincenzo had to face, there were also technical ones: the website “crashed”, the shopping cart too often didn’t work and it is easy to see how damaging that it is for a business, it’s like having the gate of your own store blocked. It’s important to point out that the characteristics of AWS services and their elasticity, scalability and security are vital needs for a young e-commerce with strong ambitions.

It was necessary to find a solution that allowed the young e-commerce gain greater credibility and more importantly have a performant and intuitive website.

So, the VMEngine team went to work to build a Cloud Infrastructure that would give Vincenzo the solidity he was looking for, and in addition to that also a scalable and safe website with a pay per use system. Thus, allowing the users to have the best possible browsing experience. At the same time, they also offered the team an absolute elasticity during development and a performance guarantee.

Architectural solution model

The architecture is based on an Infrastructure as a Service, it uses SFTP for new software releases.

The infrastructure is inside of a Virtual Private Cloud and it is made up of a Layer Balancer with an Application Load Balancer under which it can be found the production environment; same thing for the development environment, that is not managed by a balancer but has the same structure; both environments use a db using a RDS service and a shared File Server using EFS service.

In support there are two Redis nodes, one for each environment. The web server was a public subnet and has an associated Elastic IP public address. The traffic is taken directly by the Balancer, and the server has the public Elastic IP mentioned above. Completes the infrastructure the S3 object storage service where all the backups and the architecture logs are stored.

There are many active alarms and one can calmly gain access to all the logs and analyze them in a centralized manner inside of CloudWatch. SES was used for the mailing.

The Benefits

“Finally!” – commented Vincenzo, “I can safely say that I have no longer the problems I had to face some time ago. Thanks to Amazon Web Services Cloud, that I already knew, and also thanks to VMEngine Staff for their continuous support. I knew they would have guaranteed me an excellent performance against a justified financial commitment.” Therefore, the Cloud Architect team solution that has been applied to gommeplanet.it proved to be successful as it guaranteed to the e-commerce improved security, scalability and performance.

“Meeting VMEngine was a real blessing and not only because it is a team of highly qualified specialists, available at all hours of the day. What struck me was their profound humanity despite of their extremely high technical profile, they were a real comfort when it was an uphill battle”

Vincenzo Maffione


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