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I dreamed I could one day set up a school where students could learn without boring, but had been stimulated to raise problems and discuss them; a school where you should not study to pass the exams”.

 K. Popper


Ninja Academy is most dynamic and innovative educational realities online education. They offer highly specialized courses on theories and most advanced marketing techniques. The company that manages Ninja Marketing portal decided to convert to Windows Azure Public Cloud  join to BizSpark Program of Microsoft Italy.

BizSpark is a Microsoft international program that provides free software, support, visibility and tools to help StartUp to have success.
What’s new? A free monthly use for three years on Windows Azure platform.

About the customer

Education is an essential part of knowledge economy. Marketing, digital strategy, social media, non conventional and viral marketing are some of many training courses offers by academy.
Ninja Academy has a huge training offer: from basic to advanced courses. All the studens are followed by highly qualified teachers. Thousands of young web marketers have chosen Ninjia Academy communication and marketing courses.


E-Learning world's market growth

WorldWide Revenues in 2016

E-commerce platform and e-learning Ninja Academy was housed in a single dedicated server thanks to the entry of Ninja group in BizSpark program and thanks to a willingness to optimization infrastructure costs, Ninja group required us to plan, design and migrate portal on Microsoft Cloud.

The implemented solution is a multi-tier infrastructure of VMs with web servers balanced in autoscalability, NFS, and DB Server, locked in a virtual network with three subnets.
The changes to the code that we have suggested and have been driven:ù

  • Changing of visualization’s sistem of uploadate slides  with alternative solutions which did not foresee server conversion libraries, but simple javascript client-side display;
  • Replacement local MTA with external SMTP servers managed by third parties;
  • Replacement of php session from file with mysql db;
  • Lockfiles logical additions on cronjob to avoid execution’s overlapping  by different web instances.
Solution architectural diagram

Migration required special attention because it was necessary moving from a monolithic realization with a lot of interconnected services such as Windows Azure. First, we guide developers to prepare a minimum of changes to the code useful to enable the distribution of services, eliminate dependencies and criticality that prevent scalability, then we explored and tested a first migration in PaaS, IaaS later on.

The benefits

The proposal chosen and implemented for the customer ensures cost-effectiveness, flexibility, safety, reliability, performance and scalability, enjoys the classic advantages of cloud computing, enjoys the strength of a Cloud Provider built by Microsoft.

Autodeploy software from repository with versioning as GIT allows greater ease and speed for new SW implementations.
And also enjoys the advantages of Microsoft BizSpark program and direct support.

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