Ninja Marketing, the invisible migration

“One of most powerful marketing strategies of the twentieth century is giving something to engage the question to another people”.

Chris Anderson

While Aruba left again millions of Italian sites, VMengine migrated silently, without stopping the service, from a physical server to Web Services.

Ninja Marketing is benchmark for innovation in marketing and communication. Founded in 2004 by Alex Giordano and Mirko Pallera, is a valuable resource for understanding changes taking place in field of marketing and communication, technological innovation and rapid social driving. Since its establishment on Amalfi Coast, Ninja Marketing has aggregated a creative movement, expert of marketing, Communication Sciences student.

Ninja Marketing is the firt Italian marketing blog, visited daily by influencers, trendsetters, early adopters, entrepreneurs, managers of agencies and corporations, pr, journalists, geeks and Web 2.0 enthusiasts.


Migration consisted in three basic steps:

AWS Services Used:

  1. Route53
  2. S3 – CF
  3. ELB – EC2 – AS – CW
  4. RDS
  1. DNS Server Migration
  2. Contents Migration
  3. Computing Migration

First take out the DNS servers from the physical machine in which there were at the same time all other services. We moved the DNS control over AWS Route53 service, eliminating a first point of failure and streamlining about 50,000 queries / day physical server (on Route53 per $ 0.50 for 1 million queries). A crucial passage to handle quickly  the other two points.

Moving content (photos, documents, etc), using Transparent copy on CDN AWS ​​S3 / CloudFront, allowed us a simply replacing of public link of content by changing the suffix of web path from www.ninjamarketing to cdn.ninjamarketing, this It led to deep breath saturated physical server network I / O accesses and disk. They were moved other 135,000 requests / day (on CloudFront at a cost of $ 0.09 per 100,000 HTTP Req) on Amazon’s data centers distributed around the world.
With DNS managed by Route53 and contents distributed in S3 / CloudFront, it was necessary to implement only the infrastructure made un by Load Balancer ELB AWS, AMI images of custom linux web server, MySQL RDS database, a linux Memcached, and a linux NAS disk with EBS to share files code and contents that are not yet distributed or distributable in CDN, to the various EC2 instances managed by scalability and alarms on Cloud Watch policies.

The benefits

The Cloud Computing transition brings many benefits, in particular we have:

  • Scalability –  Amazon’s data centers are spread across 5 regions (US East, US West, Europe, South Asia, North Asia), with thousands of extremely powerful server in each region. AWS services allow you to take advantage of this power, without restriction, it depends on financial resources of customer.
  • Reliability – Systems and Amazon datacenters are highly reliable and redundant, but the versatility of their services allows to plan interventions Disaster Recovery able in a few minutes to bring on Ninja’s portal in another region, assuming a gigantic hardware failure of an entire datacenter.
  • Automatisms – Automation policies applied to request of more power or power-release request, shall release from the need to assume growth in traffic using too powerful systems, or underestimate volume, using insufficient systems to bring all the interested users. They also allow to save costs during off-peak hours (for example in the night).
  • Unlimited Connectivity – The huge bandwidth opening of all Amazon’s data centers are a guarantee with regard to unlimited connectivity to the portal. Band is a cost offered to customer consumption.
  • World Wide Orientation – Distribution of data center and edge servers eliminating any limitation to customer creativity who can come up with projects in foreign languages ​​to be managed remotely from their offices.
  • Costs – Our approach is aimed in maintaining or reducing overall customer TCO. A big job has been done and will continue to find right compromise cost / performance planning our design and implementation in particular based on costs that previously the customer claimed . Obviously, the solution allows a greater user input.

For hundreds years, ninja  lived in the mountains, practicing esoteric arts and devoting himself to the study of the fundamental laws of nature. They were able to perfect a martial arts system that has earned him the reputation of invincible warriors. With these words, in 2004 debut Ninja Marketing, at that time the first observatory blog on non-conventional marketing. Ninja Marketing attested  the definition of Unconventional Marketing  making the company one of the most used by innovators in  marketing and communication.

Mirko Pallera

CEO, NinjaMarketing

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