People&Cloud: solidarity call center of Napoli’s Archdiocese

“Nothing that happens to man must be stranger for us”.

Pope Giovanni XXIII

The project of “Call Center of Solidarity” is an idea of Cardinal of Naples Crescenzio Sepe with Sergio Sciarelli, professor of Economics of business management of University Federico II and other
representatives peopel of Neapolitan civil society.

Tjis project was made with support of Vodafone Italy Foundation, thought as a team work with all shelters, third sector organizations and structures of public and private assistance of region and allows to give an answer to problems that investing large families and people living alone and in dire straits.
WIth this telephone number 800814081, you can request a solution, an indication, a response to many everyday problems.

The project

Operators of Call Center listen with dedication and understanding of help requests, providing all relevant information to the needs: a place for sleep, a place for eat, where wash, take care, combatting addictions, obtaining information for immigrants, overflowing sexual and job exploitation, domestic violence, simply be heard.

The Call Center has a free clinic for specialist visits, a counseling center with a psychologist, who provides support and guidance to health services and psychological wellness and a lawyer who provides legal advice.
It’s a very complex and ambitious project that want to give hope to all the problems that afflict most vulnerables people, through solidarity and support of many structures and voluntary organizations operating in network, meeting desparation of people in difficulty.

The technological solution of VMengine

For the solution, after a structural intervention of electrical cabling and network of areas dedicated to the call center, was installed a rack to host all the necessary hardwar, from telephony devices, routers, gateways, to server and ups group. On Intel server was installed an ESXi hypervisor to facilitate installation, backup and restore by taking advantage of logic virtualization. They used open-source technologies mixed  to licensed technologies.
As operating systems have been used CentOS distributions, switchboard SW Asterisk, Sw xCally for call center management, CRM vTiger system for collection of data regarding requests of assistance and WordPress CMS for geolocation database of service centers of Campania.

Our activities are:

  • Design and planning of HW/SW solution;
  • Implementation of the HW SW solution;
  • Continuous support to the solution;
  • Support to the future expansion of the project design and planning.

The project, which starts at the beginning of 2012, started the design stage in july and ended in October. The official launch phase was on 4 December 2012. The project was widespread on newspaper, television and internet like:

ANSA – IlDenaro – AgenziaSir – NotiziaUltima – ChiesadiNapoli – EoloPress – PeriferiamoNews – NapoliCentro – NapoliDay – IlMondo

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