Thermo Hydraulics 2.0: the success of is a click away

“Every 7 seconds on is sold a car part. Every 13, a cell phone cover. Every 29 a LED light. If exports to Italy are in crisis (-1.7%), online exports grow up year after year”.


“Bummer is like a plumber, it always seems like never come but it always comes to the door” said a famous cabaretist during a talk show. For hydraulics doesn’t rhyme with bad luck because just one click and every problem disappears up in 48h: pioneer of e-commerce it been ahead becoming national leader seller in hydraulics and online assistance.

On internet you can found not only clothing and technology but also boilers, air-conditioners, elettrical appliances, pools and the largest selection of thermo hydraulycs. This is what offers: shipping in 24/48 hours, safe and in instalments payment and 100% guaranteed products.

About the customer

Today is a successful company with about 40 employees and a beautiful story to tell. Why? Because it’s not just a company that made fortune, it’s the success of a young manager who has seen ahead of others the opportunities that only e-commerce can offer.

Let’s take a step back. The company was born in the most traditional ways, with infopoint in the commercial centers of Campania and Lazio, in addition to traditional customer care

But it’s e-commerce to unleash the revolution. The idea is of the young 29-year-old Alessio Perrucci, now 50% partner, who in 2008 started selling online on eBay. In 2009, when the business grew up, comes the decision to create a website on which selling a vast assortment of thermo-hydraulics.

A young company but not to much. The journey started about 10 years ago. With 100,000 processed orders and a 95% turnover generated by e-commerce, is the undisputed leader in the industry. 



Orders processed



Visited pages/month

Boilers and air conditioners have also felt the weight of switching to digital. Thermo hydraulics took his first steps in ecommerce world with selling on ebay.

It wasn’t easy to persuade users that buying on internet products so much espensive was secure. “We gought with users’ distrust – said Alessio Perrucci, founder of – ​​they was reluctant to make important online purchases. It’s certainly easier to buy t-shirts online, certainly not a boiler.”

After the initial hesitations, users learned that buying an air conditioner on was not that bad: delivery in 24/48 hours and 100% guaranteed products. All of this with a significant saving.

In this way was born Customers increased and website needed to be scalable to hold up peak times such as the arrival of winter or summer when there’s a rush to purchasing boilers and air conditioners.

The incredible website traffic increase had become a problem. It was necessary to find a solution. Alessio Perrucci decided to rely on Cloud Computing and he choose VMEngine, the first leading company in South Italy.

VMEngine’s specialized engineers have been working on offering and applying to a solution that guarantees performance, elasticity, security, reliability and scalability, enjoying all the benefits of Cloud Computing and the solidity of the world’s largest Cloud Provider: Amazon Web Services.

The benefits

The applied and proposed choice to guarantees performance, elasticity, security, reliability, and scalability, enjoying classical benefits of Cloud Computing and the robustness of a Cloud Provider such as Amazon Web Services.

Why did you choose Cloud Computing?

“E-commerce – said Alessio Perrucci, founder of – represents 95% of our sales volume.  For this reason, it’s important that it works well and there’s no problem in moment of big traffic peacs. This is a security that only AWS and VMEngine’s engineer can guarantee”.

What customer say?

Te customer of are satisfied with this service. The site pages load quickly and, in this way, they get all the informations they need. A customer says: “Why I have to waste time in a supermarket  if I can buy my air conditioner comfortably sitting on my sofa?”.

What is in place for the future?

There are so many projects for the future. Now, the team of is focused on ensuring that every service offered meets customers.

For my business I want a secure Cloud that only Aws and VMEngine can guarantee

Alessio Perrucci


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