TouchHotel: the hotel for “Digital Tourists

“True travelers leave with soft hearts, similar to balloons that only the case moves eternally, always  say: “let’s go” and they don’t know why. Their wishes have the shapes of clouds “.

Charles Boudelaire

What did you do a few years ago to book an hotel? Get in a glap, you called travel agencies or friends for some advice. Today this is Prehistory: you need just an App.

Applications for smart device have trasformed business model of many important economy areas, first of all tourism and hospitality services. With the use of a simple App we can book our living room, browse in a photo gallery and see the place that will host you, know how tourists spent their holiday.

About the customer

TouchHotel is an App for Apple and Android devices developed by User Fans useful to book best hotels thanks to the advice of friends.

The company expanded its IT infrastructure integrating a virtual datacenter on Amazon Web Services.

ToucHotel indexes more than 315,000 hotels, B & Bs and apartments in 50,000 international tourist destinations. The applicatio is free in Apple Store and Android Market.

“Digital tourist”, some data of an even growth industry 

The italian “Digital Tourist” find many digital services while traveling. The market investigation carried out by Doxa, representing more than 1,000 members of Italian Internet population shows that Digital Tourist Journey spans multiple services related to the trip. Here there are some numbers.

In 2016, tourism market in Italy generated transactions to 51 billion euro and an increase of 3% compared to 2015. Online transactions become 17-19% for a value of 9.5 billion.


Online transaction increasing


Smartphone purchases


Online purchases

The purchases arising from direct online channel register in 2016 a grow of 10% while indirect channels applications for smart devices have grown of 14%. Don’t change incidence of indirect channels transacted deriving from total of digital market: it’s constant at 22%.

The traffic growth of mobile applications user’s, in terms of geographical spread required a choice of infrastructure’s investments that TouchHotel managerial staff absolutely had to do. Through careful design and expenditure forecasts, our technical team convinced ToucHotel to entrust on AWS public Cloud through our administration, implementative and monitoring and project consulting,. .

Per far fronte ai problemi sopracitati, TouchHotel convinto della presentazione delle opportunità legate al cloud computing di AWS, ha deciso di affidarsi a VMEngine per progettare, implementare e manutenere un’infrastruttura autoscalabile in Amazon web services.


 Sample Solution architectural scheme

The benefits

The selection chosen and implemented for customer ensures flexibility, safety, reliability and performance/scalable costs.
It ‘also possible replicate infrastructure in other region and AWS availability zones.

Why did you choose Cloud Computing?

“The growing traffic generated by users – said Marco Caldarone, co – founder and CTO of TouchHotel – necessitated an expansion of IT infrastructure platform. We used this opportunity to improve the performances of our servers and (thanks to integration of Amazon Web Services platform) we made our redundant infrastructure with an architecture configuration with active-active nodes and able to ensure best levels of service to users.
Reliability level and actual performance of our IT infrastructure puts TouchHotel at highest levels in the industry and is able to provide our users a fast and safe navigation”.

The reliability of our IT infrastructure makes us leader in industry.

Marco Caldarone

CTO, Userfans

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