Vodafone Drive: unlimited archive on LiveBox cloud

“To understand who we are, don’t look the story but the arts, the archive of the best, our genius”

Ursula Kroeber Le Guin

To understand who we are, don’t look the story but the arts, the archive of the best, our genius“. That’s the words of the US writer Ursula Kroeber Le Guin in a fantasy book. That’s sound like the beginning of a science fiction story, but it doesn’t. There’s something in this phrase that has a specific relevance with the typical pragmatism of storage and synchronizing online data regarding file hosting, sharing, and editing. Data store, the historical “memory” of a company is crucial to its growth. This is the business of LiveBox, a product suite by Sogeit Solutions srl, which has made Vodafone a software that meets the storage and data security needs of their enterprise customers. The project is called Vodafone Drive and turned to business customers.

About the customer

A 100% italian company. Since 2013, year of its birth, provides an effective file-sharing solution that is captivating for sharing and managing secure documents both inside and outside the corporate network.

LiveBox deals with software development providing solutions for small and medium-sized company to communicate, share, and synchronize information in a simple and secure way.

The Problem

Vodafone Drive by LiveBox was a very important project. The company was already an Amazon Web Service but, especially during the start-up phase, there was the need to delegate the start up of infrastructure, but also the maintenance and updating to the relevant figures who knew the platform well. In its staff, LiveBox, has professional figures involved in software development, but have resources that are well-versed in the Amazon environment.

Why VMEngine?

Here comes VMEngine, Amazon Web Service Reseller, reliable cloud provider and leader in the field. The company’s specialized figures have occurred in design and infrastructure’s implementation. “We didn’t know which kind of instances to start – said Federico di Nuzzo, Marketing Manager – especially on the basis of software we were going to install. VMEngine specialists analyzed a “type” situation trying to replicate the load it has suffered would have been once online to test the scalability it needs”.

The Solution

To face with the large amount of data being archived and scalable due to unregistered access, VMEngine specialists advised to adopt an S3 bucket for user data storage and an Elastic File System (EFS) for files to be shared between instances. User traffic is managed by a balancer (ELB). We assure high reliability (HA) with two front-end instances, while self-scalability occurs when needed. In support, we created another two fixed instances for LDAP authentication and an Open Office server for document editing. Finally, given the amount of data the database must handle, VMEngine staff recommended using an Aurora RDS instance. Lastly, in order to allow the customer to test their software before making any release, we have created a stage that is identical to production.

The benefits

LiveBox offered a service for company. So it has indispensable need to be always available and responsive. With tireless hard work of its professionals, VMEngine was able to managed all customer needs offering a quality service available h24.

Finally, we found a flexible, secure, and clearly reliable infrastructure solution.

Federico di Nuzzo

Marketing Manager, Sogeit Solutions srl

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