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“Innovation never came through bureaucracy or hierarchy. It has always come from individuals.”


Said an American manager ex Apple and Pepsi CEO called John Sculley. And we can believe him, as the companies he worked for are giants that, in a certain way changed the world.

They know it very well, three Brianza-based friends Danilo Longo, Cristian Sacchini and Andrea Bonetti that in 2011 founded, one of the leading players for the sale of electronic equipment online, preceded only by foreigner e-commerce giants.

About the customer witnessed a very successful season. Just think that in only seven years has gone from a million to 38,5 million in revenue. And his rise does not seem to show signs of stopping considering that their power is their ideas, supported by a young and dynamic team and by the relationship with one of the most productive and virtuous areas in Italy.

With more than 400.000 products available that cover all fields, from electronic to clothing, excluding food, confirms its incessant growth rhythms. Just think that in 2011 the articles available were 10.000, without considering the customers that are now more than 400.000. All this thanks to an impeccable service that goes from hourly deliveries and express deliveries to trade-in plan and installation plan.

Every activity is geared towards their customers and their satisfaction comes first. And for this reason, among the services offered by there’s the possibility, for example of picking up the purchased items in more than 4000 specific TNT and FermoPoint physical points or in the legal and operational headquarters in Nova Milanese. These systems allow, therefore, to reduce the costs of shipping and to be able to pay on pickup. To this day, of the 400.000 customers only the 15% decides to go straight to one of our facilities and pick up their own orders.


Products available

Turnover (millions)


Monthly Unique Users

From the very beginning Yeppon Team chose to take advantage of the power and the elasticity of AWS solutions, this allowed the e-Commerce to harmonize the rapid growth in terms of traffic and revenue.

Despite the job well done, the infrastructure had a few deficiencies from an optimization and security point of view; other than just the technical complexity, it also had the standard cost control maintenance, especially during periods of heavy traffic.

Cloud Architects have immediately adopted CloudFront services, WAF and a Load Balancer Application, managing to rationalize the traffic and to create customized rules to block the most common attack schemes, for example SQL Injection attacks or cross-site scripting. CloudFront use also contributed to cost savings on the infrastructure maintenance, reducing bandwidth usage.

Subsequently, it preceded a general API update, and we’re now working along with Yeppon developers to a high reliability improvement by removing the failure points.

Architectural solution model


“For the API we used Beanstalk service, which also includes a balancer under which there are two instances. There are up to 4 instances that can be automatically activated in order to balance the load depending on the needs. The instances that are no longer necessary are also automatically stopped. We use a CloudFront CDN and WAF for security reasons. The database we use is MySQL on an RDS instance, plus we used a read replica that we use for statistics and for the backup. The backend part – concludes Danilo Longo – it is on another AWS instance. We manage app logs in a centralized manner through CloudWatch and Kibana. Yeppon monthly traffic is of about 750.000 unique users”.

The benefits

That of is an Italian flavored success story. Danilo, Cristian and Andrea, are web entrepreneurs, that have been able to make their dreams come true through trial and on the ground experience.

Amazon Web Services has been a faithful and flawless ally considering that within a few years, a business arose from an idea of three partners that only had five employees, now has a total of 23 employees.

Choices made by Cloud Architects have, therefore, proved to be affective since they have granted excellent performance, security and scalability.

We use VMEngine for any type of support on the AWS Cloud and we are satisfied with their service. One of the strengths is the ongoing relationship we built, thus, enabling us to deal with every aspect and with any issues related to the use directly with their technicians.

Luca Marantelli


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