Partecipazione al corso di formazione di 2 giorni propedeutico alla certificazione VMware Certified Professionale (VCP) per la nuova piattaforma vSphere 4, tenuto nella sede di Roma di HP dal docente Mario Russo.


Course Outline
Module 1: Introducing the Next Generation of VI

  • Highlights Next Generation enhancements by component and reviews upgrade tools and strategies.

Module 2: Infrastructure Administration

  • Presents new features that support better infrastructure monitoring and reduce the time it takes to provision ESX/ESXi hosts and virtual machines.

Module 3: Networking

  • Discusses networking enhancements that simplify configuration, extend support, and improve performance.

Module 4: Storage

  • Introduces new storage features that reduce storage costs, streamline management, and optimize performance.

Module 5: Resource Management

  • Reviews vMotion™ compatibility enhancements, new VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler monitoring and management tools, and extended VMware DPM support.

Module 6: Business Continuity

  • Presents VMware High Availability enhancements and introduces VMware Fault Tolerance and vStorage APIs for data recovery.

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