Before giving up to Amazon Web Service, General Electric had begun to build 34 datacenters. Then something changed. Now, we’ll tell you the story of an american colossus that makes of technology its winning card since 1892.

It’s General Electric, the US giant who in 2016 was the 26th largest company in the world for turnover in Fortune’s ranking. The world’s most famous multinational has chosen Aws as its preferred Cloud Provider.

It was 2011 when General Electric began to turn into a digital industry. Former CEO Jeffrey Immelt spent six years spending more than $ 4 billion to start the restyling.

In 2015 the company presented Predix Cloud, the industrial platform IoT, with a view to leave their  data centers to go on the “cloud”. It was 2016 when one of General’s big boss announced the partnership with Microsoft to offer its service on Azure. But something went wrong, the idyll did not last long, and General Electric’s big ones made the decision to abandon Azure to “dive” into the world of Aws, the world’s first Cloud Provider.


With help of Accenture and Pivotal, General Electric moved  to the Amazon Web Service’s world. Why leaving a cloud platform like Azure? Perhaps because the Seattle company offers AWS Greengrass and AWS IoT services? These platforms help gather and send data to the cloud, facilitating information and analysis loading and managing. Through these services, General Electric could leverage AWS’s infrastructure not just for its customers, but also to improve performances of its internal services reducing workload of its IT team.

General Electric has taken 3 years to move 9,000 workloads to Amazon’s cloud. In this way, the company has reduced its datacenter from 34 to 4.


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